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Welcome to Cyber Vision Technology Group. Legal Technology Services Page on this page we can give you information on how we can help your Law Firm reach higher goals with the use of new technology.

Legal Technology Services Division

Cyber Vision Technology Group. Provides Legal Technology Services to Law Offices across the United States of America.

We specialize in helping law offices utilize technology to become more efficient and more cost effective. With the court systems requesting electronic processing of more and more information, and with technology becoming easily accessible to more and more clients, the law firm that doesn’t have the basics (like email, a website and electronic filing capabilities) is going to be left in the dust.

Our goal is to help you maintain and improve profit margins by putting technology to good use. We don’t advocate automation for the sake of automation – it only makes sense to automate the portions of your business that can benefit from it.

For instance, being able to access client information at the click of a button makes sense because it allows you to answer questions and deliver services quickly, helping you maintain a high level of customer service and client satisfaction. However, using technology to eliminate one-on-one contact altogether does NOT make sense, because it eliminates an important component of the attorney-client relationship: the trust and reliance engendered from personal contact.

In today’s legal office, there are a host of ways that you can take advantage of technology to do your work more efficiently, more effectively, and with less “downtime” and greater client satisfaction. But different firms will benefit from different implementations.

We make it our business to be aware of the options that are out there for law offices like yours. In order to determine which options could benefit your practice, we need to talk to you and become familiar with how youroffice operates. From there we can make recommendations and offer implementation strategies. We can also help you utilize the technology you already have more effectively.

Legal Support Simplified has joined forces with Software Simplified and IBC Computer Services to provide you with cohesive, integrated, and customized technology solutions scaled to fit the needs of your firm. From hardware and software to training and implementation, we understand your business and we work with you to design an “office system” to meet your unique requirements.

Because we work as a team, we are familiar with all aspects of your office technology and are able to address your concerns quickly and effectively. If you ever have a technology problem, you won’t find yourself being caught in the middle of a lot of finger pointing. Instead, we work together to make sure that your office runs smoothly with little effort from you.

Key Benefits

  • Knowledge. We keep abreast of new software and technology designed to improve your practice, so you can concentrate on keeping up with changes in your field.
  • Planning. We will help you develop a plan that enables you to implement the changes that you feel are important        without breaking your budget.
  • Customization. We strive to understand your work methods thoroughly so that we can suggest the technological        solutions that offer you the most “bang for the buck.” Some enhancements are even free.
  • Training. If you decide to implement software or equipment that you aren’t familiar with, we will train you at your office using your own information and tools so that you know the training you receive will be pertinent to your firm.
  • Support. We go out of our way to be easy to reach in case of an emergency, or even if you just have a question.        Between us and our partners, a live person will be there to assist you day or night. We offer phone, email and on-site support when you need it and where you need it.


Database Applications

We can help you create custom database applications through our sister-company, Software Simplified. You can view some samples of applications we’ve created here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat viewer to read it.

Hardware & Software

Computers, printers, phone systems, software packages and more – reasonably priced and configured for you from IBC Computer Services. IBC will repair and maintain your systems, too!


IBC Computer Services provides a range of PC-based LAN systems and micro computer server-based systems, including design and installation of network systems, training and support.

High-Speed Internet Access

Need internet access? Need email? Need to file documents electronically with the Court? IBC offers high-speed connections ranging from DSL through T-3 connections. Don’t know what that means? It means fast, reliable and secure internet access.

Backup Systems

It’s a fact of life – systems crash, hard drives die, fires, floods and thefts occur. Have you taken steps to ensure that your firm can quickly recover from these events? Backing up your data is essential. Whether you prefer to do your backups in-house or via automatic off-site storage, we can help.

Web Presence

Web sites, hosting, email, ecommerce, SQL databases – you name it, our partners can do it. And since we are familiar with your business, we can create a “web presence” that truly represents your firm.


We will consult with you at no cost to help you determine which products and services will serve your needs, how much they will cost, and the best strategy for implementing them while staying within your budget and keeping your office running smoothly.


We offer a wide selection of technology training to help you use your software and hardware to your best advantage. We can train you on how to use the Court’s electronic filing capabilities, including how to file bankruptcies using Best Case Bankruptcy software to do your filings. Software Simplified provides hands-on accounting system training and customized data management solutions. CVTG. Legal Services offers training for software packages, like Microsoft Office, from certified trainers, as well as instruction for phone systems and other technologies.

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