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Welcome to Cyber Vision Technology Group Healthcare Solutions Services Page. Here you will learn about many healthcare Information technology solutions our company provides.

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Healthcare Solutions Overview Many security focused technology consultancies have seen Healthcare Solutions as a significant opportunity to provide services in the healthcare market. While information security is an important component of Healthcare Solutions, we believe healthcare organizations that treat Healthcare Solutions as only an information security issue will have only fought half of the battle. A complete program to assess and achieve Healthcare Solutions must include ALL of the following elements:

  •   Education,Training
  •   Assessment of Security, Privacy and Transaction Sets
  •   Independent Audit of Healthcare Solutions
  •   Ongoing Education and Compliance Diligence
  •   Healthcare Information Systems Management, Deployment
  •   Medical Device Management, Support,Repair

Cyber Vision Technology Group has certified technology audit and security professionals and a structured methodology (Compliance Info Trac) in place to fully evaluate a covered entity’s compliance with the proposed security standards of Healthcare  Solutions. We also have software engineers trained in the evaluation of EDI and ANSI X12 standards to review compliance against Healthcare Solutions transaction standards.

Additionally, to round our Healthcare Solutions services we team with Healthcare Consulting. This group of professionals works in the areas of education and privacy standards. The members of the healthcare team have experience working with hospitals, physician groups,buyers and payers with respect to operations and other compliance issues. The team includes those with backgrounds in hospital administration, physician practice management, and healthcare related consulting.

Although there are certainly technical challenges facing covered entities relating to technology, we believe that the operational and cultural change that will be mandated by Healthcare Solutions will be at least as challenging as the technology issues relating to information security. For this reason we believe our team approach makes Cyber Vision Technology Group a compelling choice to help your organization with Healthcare Solutions.

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