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Server Solutions we offer a line of windows server solutions to meet your IT Business needs. (Click the link above to view our products). Preferred Operating System Solutions we recommend using Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and Windows 2008,2012 Server Solutions for your server Solutions. (Click the link above to view or Products). Business Class System Solutions our systems are built to work in demanding office and heavy network traffic areas. We also provide a full line of network services from Microsoft, 3Com, Cisco, Linksys, Hawking Technology, Dell, HP/Compaq, Novell, and all other brand name solutions.
Hardware,Networks,Firewalls, Racks, & Backups: OEM Systems & Servers:
•Sonicwall •Microsoft OEM System Builder •Logitech
•3Com •WatchGuard •Intel & AMD •Creative
•Linksys •Adtran •Seagate & Western Digital •Tyan, MSI, Gigabyte & more
•Hawking Technology •APC •ATI & NVIDIA •Corsair, Kinsgton
Software: Phone Systems:
•Microsoft •AVG •Ericsson •Lucent Technologies
•Symantec •Trend-Micro •Toshiba •Cisco Phone Systems
•Adobe •Avaya
•Macromedia •Nortel Networks
Windows 7 Professional is the Recommended operating systems that we support and recommend to any Business.

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